The Blues Come To Texas (Paul Oliver abd Mack McCormick’s Unfinished Book (2019)
Barrelhouse Blues: Location Recording and the Early Traditions of the Blue (2009) Broadcasting the Blues: Black Blues in the Segregation Era (2005) Yonder Come the Blues: The Evolution of a Genre (2001) The New Blackwell Guide to Recorded Blues (1996) Black Music in Britain: Essays on the Afro-Asian Contribution to Popular Music (1990) The Blackwell Guide to Blues Records (1989) The New Grove Gospel, Blues, and Jazz, with Spirituals and Ragtime (1986) Songsters and Saints: Vocal Traditions on Race Records (1984) Blues off the Record: Thirty Years of Blues Commentary (1984) Savannah Syncopators: African Retentions in the Blues (1970) The Story of the Blues (1969) Screening the Blues: Aspects of the Blues Tradition (1968) Conversation with the Blues (1965) Blues Fell This Morning: The Meaning of the Blues (1960) Bessie Smith (1959) All of our Paul Oliver books and related material are housed at the Special Collections Library at Oxford Brookes University. To search the database for more details, click on this link: Paul Oliver Archive of African American Music